In addition to our currently wholly owned operating subsidiary, United States Oil and Gas Corp plans to grow further by acquiring companies with historically profitable results, strong balance sheets, high profit margins, and solid management teams in place. By providing access to financial markets, expanded marketing opportunities and operating expense efficiencies, USOG will become the facilitator for future growth and higher long-term profits. In the process, strategic relationships among the acquired companies will develop, providing greater productivity and specialization, thus enhancing each individual company’s strengths.

With our acquisition approach, we pride ourselves on selecting the right companies to join our team with common goals of long-term viability and growth. We expect to retain the strong management teams in each business unit, capitalizing on their local knowledge of competitors and operating climate, along with their loyal customer relationships. While each business unit has their own individual financial and business strengths, these synergies when coordinated effectively, will allow for greater cost effectiveness and strategic gains overall.

Target Criteria:
  • Mid size family-owned oil and gas product and service businesses;
  • Significant history of steady growth and financial success;
  • Little or no debt; and
  • Experienced management with a desire and willingness to stay on board for a minimum of three years
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