Strategic Plan

USOG has a four step approach:

1 Find and negotiate the acquisition of mid size oil and gas companies that have strong financial track records and experienced management. USOG's method of identifying and securing acquisitions meet the following criteria:
  1. Solid growth history
  2. Profitable
  3. Opportunity to increase profits
  4. Strong management team willing to stay on board for minimum of three years
  5. Little or no debt on the books
These companies are primarily successful family owned businesses that are looking for a way to increase market presence and provide financial security for the owners while at the same time leading further growth and technological advancement. USOG offers all of that by taking the company to the public marketplace, providing valuable business management experience to identify operating efficiencies, linking companies together synergistically, and providing technical expertise and technology to their already successful businesses.
2 Develop "green" technologies that will improve efficiency, reduce damage to the environment, and provide positive marketing to the investment community. USOG has a patent that forms the proprietary base for our research and development efforts. We believe that this intellectual property and our technology base provide a competitive advantage and will facilitate the successful development and commercialization of techniques and devices for use in a wide array of alternative green oil and natural gas search, discovery and extraction approaches.
3 Apply the technology and gain efficiencies from synergies provided by the multiple acquisitions.USOG will improve the operations of the companies acquired and possibly license its technology for increased revenue. USOG will also take advantage of the opportunity to gain efficiencies from the consolidation of its acquisitions. The company managers will have the opportunity to share best practices and work together to gain market share and drive growth to the bottom line.
4 Continuously work towards increasing market awareness and move the stock to larger public markets. Currently listed in the OTC Market, USOG is working towards moving to more senior exchanges. This should be facilitated by the current acquisitions as well as additional prospects. USOG has experienced personnel to improve market awareness and gradually increase institutional holding of the stock. Value should come from continued growth through acquisition and deployment of developed technologies.
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