About Us
Corporate Profile
Our current management team is comprised of several members with strong financial backgrounds, coupled with past experience in sales and marketing. This management team is supported by experienced, skilled and dedicated personnel at all of our business units.

United States Oil and Gas Corp’s strategy is a solid, highly focused plan that grows through the acquisition of existing businesses with strong revenues and market position and will continue to build on those companies’ strengths and makes it possible to meet the needs of shareholders, customers and employees.

Growth Strategy
Our strategy is to steadily acquire mid size family-owned oil and gas service companies that meet the following criteria:
Significant history of steady growth and financial success;
Little or no debt; and
Experienced management with a desire and willingness to stay on board for a minimum of three years
Multiple Market Opportunities
The oil and gas service sector offers several important benefits which we believe is a unique opportunity for growth and success:
Well-established businesses that provide very stable growth and profits
Robust supply of possible target acquisitions in the Midwest region where USOG is focused
Strong, varied network of suppliers providing comparatively low price fuel to a part of the country that shows increased demand for oil and gas products
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