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AUSTIN, TX, April 29, 2010
United States Oil and Gas Corp Receives U.S. Patent Office Approval for New Technology
United States Oil and Gas Corp (Pink Sheets: USOG), an oil and gas products, services and technology company, is pleased to announce that its patent application for its Simple Fiber Optic Seismometer for Harsh Environments has been approved by the U.S. Patent Office.

Chairman and CEO Alex Tawse noted, "We hope this intellectual property will facilitate the successful development and commercialization of techniques and devices enabling greener exploration and production; ones that minimize the environmental footprint of drilling activity. We intend to investigate the development or licensing of this technology."

This technology is a motion sensor that registers the force and measures the magnitude of an environmental disturbance. The device may be utilized in places that are typically difficult and costly to survey such as the deep ocean floor.

The Company believes that this technology could reduce the cost of seismic sensor arrays having the fidelity and reliability necessary for permanent down-hole and seafloor installations. The patented technology could make techniques for oilfield production management and exploration that have typically only been available to larger drilling companies, available to middle market players.

A seismic sensor array is a set of seismographs, which are instruments used to detect and measure the intensity, direction, and duration of movements of the ground such as an earthquake. Offshore, a seismic sensor array has to be reliable enough to be deployed once and not need maintenance. This technology eliminates the need for physical connections to remote optical fibers in addition to providing a non-electric solution. The simplicity of this new device raises opportunities for seismic sensors that have lifetimes exceeding ten years in deepwater applications.

Fiber optic seismometers should be well suited for mapping the precise positions of buried stratigraphic horizons, as well as for reconnaissance of oil and gas deposits and the locations where sedimentary deposits may record evidence of prehistoric earthquakes. For example, fiber optic seismometers can be used to identify areas suitable for drilling while accounting for the potential environmental impact and therefore reducing time, exploration effort and expense.
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United States Oil and Gas Corp is focused on acquiring and growing domestic oil and gas services companies. The Company targets small to mid size family-run businesses with historically profitable results, strong balance sheets, high profit margins, and solid management teams in place. The Company made its first acquisition, Turnbull Oil, in May 2009, and its second acquisition, United Oil & Gas, Inc., in January 2010. For more information please visit the Company's website at

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