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United States Oil and Gas Corp (USOG) is an oil and gas products, services and technology company, focused on acquiring and growing domestic oil and gas companies. USOG targets mid size family-run businesses with historically profitable results, strong balance sheets, high profit margins, and solid management teams in place. USOG acquired United Oil & Gas, Inc., in January 2010.

United Oil and Gas, Bottineau, North Dakota
Founded in 2003, United sells and distributes refined oil and gas products such as diesel, gasoline, propane, and lubricants in the state of North Dakota. United owns a bulk storage plant, a fleet of tanker trucks, a gas station/convenience store that is being renovated, over six acres of developable land located in Bottineau, North Dakota, and a gas station/convenience store located on an Indian Reservation in Belcourt, North Dakota.
Intellectual Property
that may reduce the cost of seismic sensor arrays having the fidelity and reliability necessary for permanent downhole and seafloor installations. The advancement should make big oil techniques for oilfield production management and exploration available to middle market players.
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